An effective solution to align your company value chain with clients or prospects desired journey 

Only customers can tell if they had a valuable experience. They remember what you did for them, what they were told but also how you made them feel. And this is all defined by your internal processes. Customer experience is not only highly dependent on the products or services delivered or brand’s commitments. It all starts by your organizational chain and the way it helps improving or deteriorating customer effort and satisfaction throughout their journey

When to use UpJourney ?

To match brand promise
and the experience delivered by the company

To reduce staff effort as for improving
customer interface

To have a deep knowledge of customers/prospects
behaviors and expectations all along their journey

To identify value destructive effort zone and breaking points

To rally employees around ” Customer Centrix ”
projects and mindsets

To ensure optimal processes  indicators positioning to
track customers potential churn and anticipate dropout

To evaluate internal processes performance
and increase ROI on each step of the journey

To know what is your customers/ prospects
perception, before, during and after their journey

To adapt to each customer segment a specific
relational strategy depending on their journey

To enter a dynamic approach based on
continuous action plans

To increase cross-sell / up-sell and rate the best
combination ” best moments ” / ” best offer ” on the journey

To formalize and share CX knowledge from
valuing employees best practices

Why UpJourney ?

Holistic and collaborative approach involving all
hierarchical levels in the company AND clients / prospects

Based on Customer / Employee Effort Score

Tripartite operational recommendations
(GNResearch, your company and your clients)

Multidisciplinary  methodology
(market research study, consulting and data analysis)

Operational efficiency with a proven costs reduction

Customer Experience managed as driver
for company cost reduction

How does it work ?

UpJourney is a 6 step method to understand, analyze and optimize existing customer/prospect journey in order to make your company customer experience effective and profitable

UpJourney allow you to:

  • Start by a better understanding of your position in the market and define the scope of intervention
  • Draw back end processes linked to customer journey, get your collaborator perception on pain points and key success steps… this is the internal vision
  • Set up an ad’hoc VoC program (expressed and not expressed needs, satisfaction, level of effort, expectations and behaviors …) … this is the external vision
  • Map the customer journey such as it is lived by you clients/prospects (steps, channels, moments of truth, breaking points, emotional curves…)
  • Compare internal and external vision by making a “Gap Analysis” and evaluate the impacts (positive/negatives) of your company’s processes on the customer experience
  • Start working on action plans to align the two visions by creating strategic and operational recommandations (preventive or corrective action plans)
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