SmarTribe is the GNResearch proper e-community of consumer people, created to provide innovative and reliable on-line market solutions.

SmarTribers are engaged to express their opinions, to share ideas, to provide info about consumers behavior.

SmarTribe is a real and unique process to collect data via web and mobile with the highest quality standards thanks to strict quality controls on recruitment process,  continuous profiling and crossed checks

When to use Smartribe ?


to customize in order to perfectly match client’s needs


to observe customers behavior through passively collected data via mobile


to follow the trends in consumer behavior and habits

Behavior analytics

to integrate data and opinions collected with behavioral data about the same users retrieved from other sources


to have quick results and operational insights from a representative sample


to gain deep and detailed information from specific geo-areas

How does it work ?

Vital data with continuously supplementary boosts on specific verticals

  • Direct engagement
  • double opt-in process
  • De-duplication check
  • Fake account elimination

100% editing:

  • Speeding
  • Straight liners
  • Consistency
  • verbatim.

Light incentivation program with a wide range of rewards

Smartribers are :

25.000 members, covering the whole Italian territory and more than 50 profile data available and continuously updated.

Family with children 34%
Smartphone owners 85%
Tablet owners 41%
have a bank products 76%
Insurance products 67%
Pay TV 52%
On-line buyers 75%

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