Higher Forecasting accuracy, through a root causes model

SmartCast is an sophisticated Econometric Dynamic Causal model, that rely on key factors/root causes of the phenomenon, adjusting estimations time by time. SmartCast produces Medium term (Strategic) Forecasting – considering Business scenarios for the next 3/6 months (it is NOT an intra-day forecasting tool)

When to use SmartCast ?

To have higher forecasting accuracy, thanks to a model that takes into consideration the root causes of the volumes

To reduce economical impacts of overestimations (less productivity, more costs) and underestimations (more stress, less quality and worse Customer Experience)

When you have large interaction volumes and low forecasting accuracy level (e.g. Inbound & Outbound interactions, Back Office workload, Stock and Logistic management, …)

To increase process capacity to manage “business spikes”

To have a flexible and scenario-based forecasting model

To enhance efficiency of workload plans

Why SmartCast ?

It is much more reliable and accurate than other Forecasting tools, as it relies on root-causes/predictors of the phenomenon and NOT simply on past time series of the volumes

It is a strategic forecasting, considering business scenarios of the next 3/6 months, being the base of any kind of future workload plan

it is a sophisticated forecasting algorithm, based on the Kalman Filter –
See references on Wikipedia:

How does it work ?

SmartCast uses past Time Series (at least 2 complete years) of both Target variable (phenomenon to be forecasted – e.g. Inbound Volumes) and key Factors (Root-causes, impacting Target variable). Using these input data, SmartCast is able to:

  • Calculate impacts of each key factor in the past
  • Generate a medium term Strategic Forecasting (e.g. next 3 months), based on Business Scenarios (“What-if”) applied to each key Factor