Everyday, our Shapers are creating GNResearch history

Quick view on our history timeline

  • 2016 - VEC

    The Customer Experience Value (VEC) was developed for the first time in collaboration with Teleperformance. Check it out on www.cx-vec.com

  • 2014 - UpJourney

    GNResearch’s innovative vision of the effort score within the ROSE Program is enriched with a new dimension of consultancy and counseling to become UpJourney, our Customer journey enhancement solution

  • 2013 - OnTarget

    First OnTarget project – to prevent and reduce Complaints – for a leader company operating in multi-utility vertical. First initial test of the OnTarget solution applied to Human Resources processes

  • 2009 - CC Metrics

    GNResearch and Teleperformance launch the common offer Teleperformance Analytics, building and launching CC Metrics, the ancestor of InTouch, our multichannel solution for Customer Feedback management (winning in 2009 the Teleperformance Worldwide Award for innovative solutions)

  • 2008 - Rose Program

    Teleperformance entrust GNResearch innovative vision to explore new dimensions of Customer Experience Research and develop the Analytics line of business. GNResearch create the ROSE Program, introducing its proper vision of the effort score

  • 2006 - GNResearch

    Grandi Numeri merge with Teleperformance Etude to become GNResearch and open the Paris HQ

  • 1996 - GN joins Teleperformance

    Grandi Numeri joins Teleperformance and becomes its survey and analytics entity to consolidate its Market research line of business

  • 1990 - Grandi Numeri (Italy)

    Paolo Righetti & Lucio Apollonj Ghetti launch

    Grandi Numeri on the Market research and statistics business, building the foundations of Analytics

  • 1978 - Teleperformance Marketing Research

    Teleperformance is founded in France by Daniel Julien. After eight years, it becomes the leader in the French contact center market and a big player in marker research activities