Predictive Analytics solution, fully integrated into Customer Experience management

OnTarget is a Predictive Analytics solution, integrated in Customer Experience management, to minimize efforts and increase profitability. Customer Behavior models are developed through algorithms specifically developed for Big Data, giving Individual Experience scoring as final result

When to use OnTarget ?

To measure Individual Customer Experience through
predictive Customer Behavior models

To increase and manage ROI for
“analytics-based” processes

To develop a “Next Best Action” strategy, based on
predictive and prescriptive analytics models

To anticipate and manage proactively bad
Customer Experiences (e.g. Churn, Attrition, Complaints, …)

To improve the efficiency of processes with measurable
KPIs (e.g. Sales, HR Recruitment, Debt Collection, …)

To generate Savings and Enterprise cost reduction,
driven by a proactive Customer Experience management

Why OnTarget ?

It measures Individual Customer Experience  – going above and beyond the marketing old generation of models (grouping people in clusters, not taking in consideration the individual specificity of each customer)

It is not simply a predictive statistical model, but it is integrated into Customer Experience management – suggesting proactive caring actions or changing business processes, and measuring the related ROI afterwards

How does it work ?

OnTarget allows to pass from an undistinguished Customer Data Base (where every Customer is equal to another one) to a “fully colored” Customer Data Base (where every Customer has is own propensity/score on a certain behavior), through different steps