Understand and effectively exploit market’s needs for an optimal offerings shaping

Ayresis™ can support you to quickly identify the optimal offering composition for every single Customer segment, by assisting your decisions for an effective product/service development, competitive positioning, pricing segmentation and resources allocation, even leveraging on your value maximization.

When to use Ayresis™ ?

To support shaping and positioning
of breakthrough product and service

to analyze the trade-off that Customers
make in product and service evaluation

To understand how the Customer thinks and
what makes a product or service desirable

To identify the optimal combination of features
and benefits for your product and service

To differentiate products and services
for several Customer segments

To shape the best pricing strategy
for your product or service

Why Ayresis™ ?

You can simulate different offering scenarios where to identify key attributes that drive Customer

You can avoid long and expensive Customer interviews to validate several offering combinations

You can identify the most suitable pricing for each offering to maximize ROI/volumes

How does it work ?

Ayresis™, trough an advanced offering model simulator, can support in comparison of all alternative scenarios,
including your competitors, to predict Customer selection and discarding reasons.

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