Indagine ALMALAUREA sulla condizione occupazionale dei laureati

A partire da 18 aprile 2017, GNResearch sta svolgendo la rilevazione telefonica per la ricerca sulla condizione occupazionale e formativa dei laureati dopo uno, tre e cinque anni dal conseguimento del titolo. L’indagine coinvolge anche i dottori di ricerca e diplomati di corsi di master universitari. La rilevazione AlmaLaurea sulla condizione occupazionale è organizzata in due periodi (marzo-luglio e luglio-gennaio),…

Dimensione Cliente 2017

GNResearch will be sponsor and speaker at Dimensione Cliente 2017, the yearly event of ABI, the Italian Bank Association, dedicated to the banking retail market. The focus is on the bank relationship with its clients, from the preliminary analysis of customer needs to selling and service moment, all the way to customer satisfaction and loyalty…

Salone dei Pagamenti

Salone dei Pagamenti is an event during which banks, enterprises, platforms, vendors, and end consumers meet to debate on web-based markets, on customer experience management, and on the technological means that allow this sector to thrive.

Utility Day 2016

Utility Day is the annual event during which Gas & Utilities professionals meet to debate on industry issues and trends.

The topics of this year’s event follow:

  • Business Data Analytics;
  • Digital Marketing & CRM;
  • Smart Cities.

Dimensione Cliente

Dimensione Cliente, the annual meeting promoted by ABI, is focused on retail banking and analyzes the complex process that goes from the analysis of clients’ needs to the actual transaction and beyond. As a matter of fact, the event will also revolve around customer fidelity, experience, and satisfaction.