Measure and improve your Customer Experience on any touchpoint

InTouch is a customized Multichannel Solution to measure and manage CX. It integrates layers of consulting, measurement design and deploy, online dynamic reporting and change management

When to use InTouch ?

Measure and track improvements

Gain multi-channel real time access to Customer insights

Timely act on customer feedback

Maximize the involvement of your teammates

Distribute the relevant feedback to your organization

Use your CSAT programs to drive the operations

Why InTouch ?

Coupled with advanced Analytics, InTouch supports the different stakeholders in their PDCA cycle. This is achieved via the multi-channel
real time feed-back measurement (telephone,email, SMS), the triggered alert reports, the possibility to design, edit and issue single customer action plans,
assigning them to a specific responsible (individual or team)

How does it work ?

InTouch endows your organization with a web portal that simultaneously measure customer feedback, assesses the effects of its root causes, distributes it through the relevant stakeholders and allows timely actions on single cases. This is realized by seamlessly merging interaction, customer and front-end personnel data with customer feedback into a single database, on which custom reporting and action plan forms are implemented