Les Ateliers de l’AFRC: Focus on Customer Effort Score

November 9th GNResearch will be guest speaker in the frame of the workshop organized by the Association Francaise de la Relation Client (AFRC) on Customer Effort Score.
As one of the pioneers of Customer Effort Score, GNResearch will show how this is more than just a simple measure indicator and why it has a crucial role, and can make an impact on the entire Customer Experience.

OnTarget: the ultimate predictive solution

Timely and precisely aim your actions at Customers at risk, to reinforce their confidence and attachment.
Lost confidence is hard to win back, when it’s too late. Lost Customers take years before they even think about stepping back.

Most customers are silent, but which of them are unhappy? How do you know when and where to trigger churn-preemptive actions?

Esomar Qualitative 2017 Conference – Porto

GNResearch will be attending Esomar Qualitative 2017 conference, one of the largest events in the industry, held in Porto from the 5th to the 7th of November. At this occasion, on Tuesday11/07, Cinzia Paterlini, our Qualitative Department Director and Elena Bucci, our Milan office director, will be presenting a case study 

Customer Experience, the recipe for success [Infographic]

Over the past few years, the landscape of business and Customer service has strongly changed. Although once business was widely driven by outbound marketing and advertising, today you have to consider the Customer Experience and your Customers’ journey as they interact with your brand. Customers do not care anymore as much about effective advertising as they…