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Paolo Righetti CEO GNResearch

Paolo Righetti – CEO

What we do

GNResearch is a pioneering provider of Customer and Employee Experience Management focused on Analytics, Data Mining and e-business solutions. GNResearch is member of Teleperformance, the global leader in outstanding Customer Experience. We propose an outstanding mix of consultancy, predictive and prescriptive analytics, process metering, data management, enterprise feedback management and specific qualitative and quantitative customer research techniques to generate value by shaping and effective experience for both customers and employees. Our solutions effectively support our Clients in continuously learning and improving as a strategic lever to design and deliver unique and memorable individual experiences and generate measurable value through the GNR Customer Experience cycle.

Our objective is to effectively support our Clients by designing and delivering distinctive experiences which can generate measurable value.

At GNResearch we think that positive experience drives loyalty and growth. Experience reinforces the customer brand relationship when a company is able to deliver its brand promise by offering a consistent, valuable, intentional and unique experience through operational excellence, innovation and customer intimacy.

Our Expertise : Market Research & Analytics

We are fully committed to revealing the reasons of distance between our Clients’ brand promise and their Customers’ actual brand perception . Acknowledging distance and its reasons is the necessary milestone to understand strategic, structural and operational issues. Only based on knowledge it is possible to define clearly actions to fill up the gap between intention and perception

This is our mantra : Passion for insight, Trust into action : for your Return

GNResearch expertise consulting analytics market research

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